Meet Monique

Certified Human Resources Leader

Monique is a fully-bilingual HR Professional with greater than 15 years in compensation management, leadership development, benefit/pension implementation, performance management, and succession planning. She has worked for many large companies, but most notably, was with a company of approximately 2,000 employees. During her time there, six company acquisitions were integrated into the development and centralization of the full benefits as well as compensation plans into the corporate program. Monique was responsible for researching, establishing, and maintaining the company's pay system for all employees across Canada. This involved researching and understanding the current and upcoming competitive market trends for employee total compensation plans while ensuring that pay rates were fair and equitable in order to retain and recruit employees. Following the implementation of the program, a full total compensation chart was created for each employee that incorporated all related compensation data.

Monique’s latest experience was with a global company and included working on ensuring the corporate office employees were treated with a fair and equitable total compensation plan. The job descriptions were all updated with input from management and employees where market reviews were done with a third party, ensuring the geography, industry, and the level of the position were reviewed and to create a salary range that incorporated a minimum, mid-point, and maximum scale. A full presentation was communicated to management and then to the employees. Throughout the project there was always a high level of respect, trust and professionalism that was kept and the program was accepted by a majority of employees. 

Monique is able to adapt to any company's environment with a fair, and unbiased outlook. She is ready to work with your team as a strategic partner to achieve any goals you need.